Problem Reason Correction
Unit does not switch on. Power supply is not installed correctly. Check power supply and install correctly.
Blue LED continues to flash
continuously after booting.
No network connection.
Check the connection.
Cables? Is there really internet access
(check with PC on cable).
Are there firewalls that could
obstruct access to the Internet?
Blue LED on, but no remote
connection possible.
PC does not reach ELEKON Server.
PC behind firewall?
A lot of noise is recorded. Trigger settings not optimal.
Check and/or adjust trigger
settings together with ELEKON
Electromagnetic interference.
Check installation and external power supply.
Earthing the housing if necessary.
Noisy environment.
Change environment and/or microphone orientation.
You could also do something by SW.
Discuss with ELEKON.
No recordings are triggered. Microphone is defective. Test and/or replace microphone.
Wrong trigger settings.
Check and/or adjust the trigger
settings together with ELEKON.
Yellow LED lights up
continuously yellow.
Boot problem.
Switch on/off to “Off”” and
wait at least 3 minutes until all LEDs are off.
Then switch on again.
Notify Elekon
Red LED flashes quickly,
device beeps.
System failure Notify ELEKON.