Installation in the WTG


Turn the unit off for commissioning/changing the microphone: Make sure that the unit is switched off before connecting a microphone or changing the microphone.


The unit must not be installed at a point in the WTG where water or operating materials (such as oil) can collect.

Attaching the microphone(s)

To increase the life of the microphone, it should always be positioned with the opening downwards to a maximum horizontal position to prevent moisture accumulation inside. Also pay attention to the surroundings of the microphone. Close objects or surfaces can reflect sound and distort the recorded bat cries.

  1. Select a suitable location to place the microphone in the gondola. It is not possible to specify an exact location, as there are different types of wind turbines. In the WTG nacelle, the corresponding cut-outs or mounting holes should preferably be made at the bottom of the cladding. The noise from wind and turbine blades should also be included in the placement considerations.
  2. Create the holes required for installation:
    • Drill the main hole with a hole saw (Ø min.50mm max.56mm)
    • Drill fixing holes, diameter depending on the screws to be used.
  3. Fasten the microphone sensor holder in the main hole and secure it.
  4. Route and secure the microphone sensor cable so that it is not parallel to the power lines of the generator.


Protection against lightning strikes: In order to reduce the risk of electric shock from lightning strikes, no installation or maintenance work may be carried out in the event of an acute risk of lightning strikes (thunderstorms).