Technical Specifications

Housing, dimensions  
Dimensions (W x H x D) 374 x 262 x 308mm
Weight 4.4 kg (without Lead Crystal® Battery)
Weight 17.6 kg (with Lead Crystal® Battery)
Protection class (closed device) IP64 (except microphone, ext. power supply)
Operating conditions

-10..+50°C, 10..90%RH (non condensing)

Charging: 0..+40°C

Ext. power supply: 0..+40°C

Storage conditions -20..+60°C, 5..95%RH (non condensing)
Power supply  
Mains / solar panel 24V DC 24W / solar panel 12V 50W
Battery Lead Crystal® Battery (considered normal goods for airfreight and shipping)
Channels 8 channels, fully synchronous recording possible
Sampling 312.5 kHz, 16-bit (opt. 500 kHz, 625 kHz, 16-bit or 24-bit)
Microphone Ultrasonic microphone FG, waterproof Y-cable (sensor) 5 m
Sensitivity range 10 – 150 kHz
Recording time per file 0 – 20s, pre- and post-trigger adjustable
Trigger conditions (can be combined)

Manual, crest trigger, period trigger, FFT value, volume,

frequency range

Recording in time windows

Two programmable time windows per day for recording,

optional automatic sunrise/sunset consideration


0 .. 100% RH relative humidity

3% RH (max), 0-80% RH

Air pressure

500 hPa .. 1100 hPa Measuring range absolute air pressure

Calibratable to relative air pressure of the location

Accuracy relative air pressure ±0.5 hPa (-10 .. 50°C)

Digital inputs and outputs  
Digital input

Potential-free via opto-coupler

Observe polarity!

3.3V …. 40V DC/AC, max. 10Hz

Requires up to 30mA input current

min. 5mA at 3.3V input voltage

Digital output

Potential-free via relay

Load max. 50VACrms, 50VDC, 1A

Microphone test  
Sound converter 40kHz
Test Modes Manually, automatically
Data storage  
File formats .wav, .xml, .log, .csv
Storage medium

Internal hard disk (for approx. 100GByte user data)

SD/SDHC/SDXC cards (SD 2.0), max. 128 GB, FAT32 formatted

external hard disk via USB port, FAT32 or ext4 formatted

USB stick formatted via USB port, FAT32 or ext4

Settings and configuration Web Interface oder BATLOGGER Connect Service
Analysis and Identification

BatExplorer (WIN)

BatScope (MAC)


Integrated LTE module

Supports 4G, 3G, 2G (up to six LTE bands)

Up to 150 Mb/s download data rate

Up to 50 Mb/s upload data rate

Standard SIM card holder (internal)

Max. LTE Antenna output power 23dBm