Remote settings (connected with Batlogger Connect)


Login with your Batlogger Connect credentials

Username:   your@email.address
Password:     your password

As shown in Chapter Login to BATLOGGER Connect.




On the status page click on Settings to change the device settings:


1 Timezone

Please select the timezone the BATLOGGER is located in. To be able to change the timezone of the BATLOGGER, the BATLOGGER needs to be online. When setting the timezone, the date and time of the BATLOGGER is automatically set using the time of your PC. The correct timezone setting is important to calculate the correct times for sunrise and sunset. By using the “REFRESH TIME” button you can verify the time set at the location of the BATLOGGER.

2 Location

Setting the BATLOGGER location is important for correct sunrise and sunset times. In addition, the location is indicated in the .XML files for all recordings. To change the location please click on the little marker icon in the headline and choose the position in the dialog which will open. To set a new position, please zoom as required and then click at the position you want the BATLOGGER to be. When the position is correct, please use SAVE to store the new position. You can use the address field to search for a position, e.g. a city name.

3 Recording Times

You can specify up to two independent times frames per day / night in which the BATLOGGER will trigger and record files. Outside the specified time frames the BATLOGGER will not record anything. The time frames may over lap each other. If any of the time frames is active the recording is enabled. The result of combined time spans is shown at “Resulting recording times”. When you specify a time frame with the same start and stop times, this will be interpreted as “always on”.

All times are local times at BATLOGGER location. Please make sure to configure timezone and location of the BATLOGGER correctly. Each stop and start time of every time frame can be specified to use a fix time or a relative time with regards to sunrise and sunset times.

4 Alias Name

Please choose an alias name for your BATLOGGER. The alias name is used to easily identify your BATLOGGER. The alias name will be shown in the recording .xml files. The alias name can be any text up to 100 charcaters. The first part of the alias name (up to the first space) is used as a project identifier.

The Project Identifier

The project identifier is used to mark all recordings and .XML files with a project ID. It shall help you to easily identify files which are related to a specific location or project of the BATLOGGER. The project ID can be any text. It is part of the file names of the recordings and the corresponding .XML files and it is written into the .XML files, too. Example : The full alias prj4711 Lutersarni test device will define prj4711 as the project ID.

5 Air Pressure Value

In order to deliver the correct relative air pressure at the current location, the BATLOGGER needs to be calibrated at least once for each location. Please check the current realtive air pressure at the BATLOGGER location at various weather sites on the internet. Put the found value into the input box and press SAVE. Now the BATLOGGER is calibrated for its current location.

6 Recording Event

Whenever a bat call is detected by the BATLOGGER, the BATLOGGER records the bat audio to a WAVE audio file. In addition, the BL Connect service is informed about the new recording. This parameter defines, how the BATLOGGER provides the information about the new recording to the BL Connect service. As this parameter has an impact on the amount of data which is exchanged between the BATLOGGER and the BL Connect service, you might review the current setting according to your needs. See ? for further details.

7 Update Firmware

In order to improve functionality Elekon will provide firmware updates for the BATLOGGER devices from time to time. By using this setting you can benefit from these enhancements by downloading a new firmware version to your BATLOGGER. Your BATLOGGER settings will be preserved during the firmware update process.

See ? for further details.

8 Email Alerts

When enabling alerts you will receive alert emails on specific operation conditions of the BATLOGGER. In oder to use alerts, you need to enable the alert system and provide an email address which is used to send the alerts to. You can use the SEND TESTMAIL button to check that your mail address is configured correctly. When you have specified your alert email address, you can choose the operating conditions you want to receive alerts on.

9 Set User Password

To change the User Passord of the Batlogger. This is not your Batlogger Connect password.

10 Current Settings Profile

With settings profiles you can

  • Save the current settings of the BATLOGGER into a settings profile
  • Restore previously saved settings by make a settings profile the current settings
  • Download settings profiles to your PC
  • Upload settings profiles from your PC to the BATLOGGER

See ? for further details.

11 Show Log

Check the Log File of your Batlogger.

12 Initiate Backup Operations

If you have a external USB-Harddisk, a USB-Stick or a SD-card connected to your Batlogger and you want to move/copy files form the internal SSD to this external device, just click COPY or MOVE. If you click MOVE the files will be removed from your SSD and will only be stored on the external drive. This can be useful if the internal SSD doens’t have enough space for all your recordings and you don’t want to download them remotely.

13 Execute Immediate reboot

If you need your Batlogger to perform a reboot. Click on REBOOT

14 Contribute Data

Allow Elekon to use your de-personalized BATLOGGER data from this BATLOGGER device to support bat research and product improvement. All personal / individual information is removed from the shared data. This includes project names, precise location, serial numbers and so on. The shared data cannot be traced back to your account or your devices. See legal notice for details.