Firmware UpdateΒΆ

From time to time Elekon might release new firmware for the BATLOGGER S2. This might be due to the introduction of new features or due to the correction of errors found in previous versions of the firmware.

You will get a notification in the BATLOGGER Control App, when a new firmware is available.

To update your device, follow this steps:

  1. Download the new firmware from

  2. Extract the ZIP file

  3. Connect your BATLOGGER S2 to your computer using the USB-C cable

  4. Copy the extracted .UPD file to your BATLOGGER S2. (Copy it directly in the root folder of the microSD card)

  1. Eject the BATLOGGER S2 from your comnputer

  1. The firmware update now starts on your BATLOGGER S2

  2. The device LED flashes in rapid succession until the update has been completed.

  3. Your device is updated when the LED stops flashing.