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Recording and monitoring equipment for bat calls

LogoElekon AG develops and manufactures devices and attractive solutions for bat observation and monitoring. For the protection of species, for professional monitoring and for the interested hobbyist.

Bats use an ingenious ultrasonic echolocation system for guidance and tracking prey. Our equipment and software takes advantage of this speciality by recording and analyzing the sounds of the animals. Thus, the observation and species identification of bats is made possible and a lot easier.
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April 2014
New BATLOGGER firmware 2.3
Folder support, sunset to sunrise schedule and more...

April 2014
New Version: BatExplorer 1.10
Call shape detection, multiple species per recording...

March 2014
BATLOGGER M with microphone FG black
As of now the BATLOGGER M is delivered with the ultrasonic microphone FG black.

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We offer the technology to detect bats acoustically (ultrasonic), to record and analyse it: